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As we monitor novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we are committed to supporting students, faculty and staff and ensuring that all students can fulfill their academic requirements as planned.

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Dual Degree MA/MPH program now accepting applications!

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Anthropology MA program now accepting applications!

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Anthropology is the study of the human species. It advances our collective understanding of who we are, where we came from, how we differ from one another, and what those differences mean.

Anthropology supports free inquiry about the human condition with scholarly rigor and sensitivity, and the dissemination and application of the resulting knowledge to local, national, and global communities. In the words of one of its founders, E. B. Tylor of Oxford University, anthropology is "a reformer's science."

The science of anthropology is rooted in core values of mutual respect, equal rights, freedom of expression, and freedom from discrimination. As another of its early practitioners, Ruth Benedict of Columbia University, wrote, "The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human difference." Read more >>

Recent News

Food insecurity research featured

   December 7, 2019

Research conducted by Dr. Nicole Peterson was recently featured in the Inside UNC Charlotte Newsletter. Her work is aimed at identifying and addressing food insecurity and other forms of student precarity among UNC Charlotte students. The full article can be found...

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Faculty member's research in the news

   November 13, 2019

Research by faculty member Sara Juengst was featured on Forbes recently. In their work in coastal Ecuador, Juengst, a former UNCC MA student Abigail Bythell, and colleagues identified a novel mortuary pattern - burying infants wearing the skulls of other humans. Read the piece ...

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Archaeology Summer Field School

Archaeology Field School looking for students!
   April 28, 2019

Our summer field school is looking for students to enroll in an experiential learning course here in the Charlotte area. Students looking to gain hands-on experience in archaeology are strongly encouraged to enroll in our field school at Holly Bend taught by Dr. Alan May. But time is running out! Enroll today!

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