Honors Program in Anthropology

Honors programs are intended for academically talented and enthusiastic students. Selected students may complete an Honors Program in Anthropology and have this designation noted on their transcript. To earn Honors in Anthropology, a student must maintain an overall GPA of 3.2 and a GPA in Anthropology of 3.5, and complete additional requirements. These requirements include either an internship or Study Abroad, participation in honors courses with other students, and a special research planning course called ANTH 4701. Please contact the Honors Coordinator, Dr. Lydia Light, for additional information. A full description of the Anthropology Honors Program is available in the Advising Handbook.

A candidate for Honors in Anthropology must also complete an Application for Candidacy form that is supplied by the university's Honors College. The form is filed in the semester before the student plans to complete the required capstone course in Anthropology, ANTH 4601. This task is usually accomplished while the student is completing ANTH 4701.  

All UNC Charlotte students also have the opportunity to participate in the University Honors Program through the Honors College. A student with appropriate credentials may participate in both the University Honors Program and Honors in Anthropology at the same time. The Honors College also provides information to all students about prestigious  external scholarships and fellowships, and provides advising for students in pre-Health professions. More information about the full range of Honors programs at UNC Charlotte may be found on the website of the Honors College.