Undergraduate Program

Anthropology Major

For detailed information about the Anthropology program, please visit our Advising Handbook.

For information about the profession of anthropology, visit the American Anthropological Association.

For comprehensive information about scholarships available at UNC Charlotte, check out the NinerScholarsPortal.

There are two variations of the Anthropology Major: (a) B.A. in General Anthropology and (b) B.A. in Anthropology with a concentration in Applied Anthropology. Both majors consist of 11 courses, including 5 shared core courses. You also must complete other departmental and university requirements.  Both versions of the major start with ANTH 1101, and require a core course in biological anthropology (ANTH 2141), a core course in archaeology (ANTH 2151, and a core course in anthropological theory (ANTH 3101).   Both versions of the major also require completion of a foreign language through the first semester of the 2000-level (for languages in the Roman alphabet, such as French, German, Spanish, etc), or through the 1202 level (for languages in other writing systems, such as Arabic, Russian, Japanese, etc.).

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Minor in Anthropology/Minor in Applied Anthropology

The minor in general anthropology consists of six courses, which must be completed with at least a 2.00 GPA.  Students who take the minor in general anthropology will take courses in at least three fields of anthropology, including biological anthropology, archaeology, and cultural anthropology or linguistic anthropology.  The Minor in Applied Anthropology also consists of six courses which must be completed with a GPA of at least 2.00.  This variation of the minor includes ANTH 4111, Applied Anthropology, and a hands-one methods course.

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Honors Program in Anthropology

Honors programs at UNC Charlotte are designed to challenge academically talented students. Selected students may complete an Honors Program in Anthropology and have this designation noted on their transcript. To earn Honors in Anthropology, a student must maintain an overall GPA of 3.2 and a GPA in Anthropology of 3.5, and complete additional requirements. These requirements include either an internship or Study Abroad, participation in honors courses with other students, and a special research planning course called ANTH 4701.  Please contact the Honors Coordinator, Dr. Janet Levy, for additional information. A full description of the Anthropology Honors Program is available in the Advising Handbook.

Every Honors student in Anthropology will have to file an Application for Candidacy form in the semester before planned completion of the honors thesis. Students usually complete this task while enrolled in ANTH 4701.   That form and the deadlines can be found at: Information for Current Honors Students.

More information about Honors programs at UNC Charlotte may be found at Honors College of UNC Charlotte. The Honors College provides a University Honors Program; students may participate in both the University Honors Program and in departmental honors in Anthropology.  The Honors College also provides information to all students about prestigious scholarships and fellowships, and provides advising for students in pre-Health Professions. 

Experential CoursesUNCC students at archaeological site

The Anthropology Program offers several experiential courses:

  • ANTH 4480, Internship in Anthropology;
  • ANTH 4482, Teaching Internship in Anthropology;
  • ANTH 4140, Field Primatology;
  • ANTH 4453, Field Project in Archaeology.

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